Gero is an iPhone + Apple Watch app designed based on the Pomodoro Technique which comes from the idea that frequent breaks can improve mental agility. Therefore, the original techniques uses a timer to break own work into intervals, traditionally 25 mins in length, separated by short breaks. In Gero, users can change the interval of sprint or break based on their work style.

We started this internal project with the intention to learn about the Apple Watch platform and make a release when the platform comes online.

Client / ustwo   Agency / ustwo    Year / 2015    My role / UX 


Some major challenges we faced during the project were:

  • Since this is an internal project, people come and go on the project depends on availability. We can’t always work as a full team.
  • We were designing on a platform we had never seen, and we didn’t have an Apple watch as a reference



With all the amazing work came along at the end, we submitted our right on time for the Apple Watch announcement. We were featured in UK and China’s Apple app store for a while. We had over 11,000 download worldwide in one week.